Thursday, March 3, 2011

Silver Strand

I guess this explains why they call it Silver Strand Beach. We walked here on our honeymoon, so it was good to get back. We still have the sand dollar from back then sitting on the shelf. We did search for more sand dollars and picked up a number of shells, but in the end, we decided we didn't want another sand dollar to "upstage" the Original Honeymoon Sand Dollar.

This boy is a boy through and through. Can't help himself. Loves to pick up stuff and throw it into the water. On our first date, we were walking through the Forest of Camelot (no lie, that's what it's really called, the sign says so) and he picked up a stick and just threw it into the woods. It made me smile then and it makes me smile now, each time he does it.

A native Californian could probably rattle off the name of this bulbous sea plant with no difficulty, like me saying "calcite" in the cave. No idea, but picture-worthy to me.

There's something highly romantic about holding hands and absorbing a California sunset together. Sigh...

Looking off toward Cabrillo National Monument with the Point Loma Lighthouse.

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