Friday, March 4, 2011

Playing at the Tide Pools

This lovely setting can be found within Cabrillo National Monument, a place we have visited previously. It was fun to explore the area, climb around on the cliffs, and listen to the waves break. Such beauty. So medicinal!

This is what the cliff wall looks like up close at the tide pools. We didn't see many creatures, but for sure, the hermit crabs were there! On our honeymoon, we visited these same exact tide pools, and K, rather new to tide pools, called over to me, "All I see is a bunch of shells swimming around." I said, "Sweetie, those are hermit crabs." K answered, "No they're not!" This time, he called over to me, "I see a bunch of hermit crabs!" Happy, smiley memories.

As I close this last post about our recent trip to San Diego, I just want to comment about all of these life forms stuck to the cliff wall. They are waiting, enduring even, until the tide comes back to save them. K and I had such a lovely time together during this mid-winter break. We slept well, we exercised, we had whole days together, we amused ourselves, and we shared food fifteen meals in a row. Now we're clinging to thoughts of our next opportunity to run away together.

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  1. I am so, so envious! What a wonderful trip. It doesn't get much better than Disneyland, the San Diego Temple, and the ocean!