Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I think the above picture is an African Spoonbilled Something or Other...It was raining Saturday morning--the locals were whining BIG TIME about the weather, but we ventured out to San Diego Zoo's Safari Park (new name for the old Wild Animal Park) with our rain ponchos. We drove through beautiful orange groves and mountains. A cool, quiet day turned out to be perfect for viewing some of God's most interesting handiwork. We sat down for a couple of animal shows and met some hilarious and regal birds (owl, parrot, peregrine falcon) and one jumpy kangaroo named Ruby. Ruby did NOT like the approaching ducks, but she DID like everything her trainer was willing to feed her.

Ever wondered why the flamingo often stands on one foot? If they lift both feet at the same time, they fall over.

No idea, but it's pretty. Safari Park could almost double as a botanical center.

There are only seven left of this type of rhino in the WORLD! Her DNA has been frozen, however, this species will likely become extinct within our lifetimes. Sad.

And they say that humans are super genetically close to the apes...

Always a good idea to keep your bayonet handy. One never knows.

After Safari Park, we contacted Sterling and Co. and met up for dinner in Old Town San Diego at a quirky little place with "suspicious" five dollar dinners that turned out to be so good (Mahi Mahi). The place is a small Irish Pub called O'Hungry's. They had a guy playing the guitar and a girl singing. Sterling's kids happened to have an ukulele (the family's third ukulele since August, I was informed) and a harmonica with them. The harmonica sounded really great, actually, with the band (even the guy in the band said so). Next thing you know, Sterling was asking the band if his sister could sing with them. While that was happening, Sterling's daughter ended up shaking the maracas for added flavor and that sounded great too! Then of course, Sterling got up to sing a song and that's how the night went on. I called it "The Family Bar." The next day, the LDS senior missionaries at Mormon Battalion Historic Site mentioned that they love O'Hungry's and that they go there all the time for breakfast.

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