Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breaking Trail the Whole Way

Her name is Timpanogos.

Official documentation of our whereabouts.

I've been fond lately of photographing shadows. The sun was so warm that we didn't wear jackets (until we got back in the shade), gloves, or hats. We were sweating to death! This is my first time on this trail not seeing someone else's tracks. We had the whole place to ourselves the whole time!

K always hikes behind me so that I can set my own comfortable pace. After breaking trail in fresh powder for awhile, I made him go ahead. I love how he's always looking up and looking around, drinking it all in.

When you hike the Pine Hollow Trail, it's a while before you actually get back into the pines. K is so happy here. He kept commenting on how quiet and peaceful it was. Snow really makes his heart sing!

The trail ahead. We had headlamps, but dinner was waiting in the crockpot at home. Perhaps another day. Perhaps next snow season.

Pretty rocks in stream--after we crossed this creek, K sat down to enjoy the scenery. Wish you could hear this water.

Here's the last shot of the evening as we descended the trail to our vehicle. Not as sunny as when we started up!