Friday, March 11, 2011

Plans for Tonight

After school today, I walked through the library to get to the workroom to check my box. In the library was a fifth grade girl from another class. I wasn't sure why she was there, but I asked, "Did you already finish your homework for the weekend?" She answered that she was planning a Sleepover. And that's when another fifth grade girl showed up. Because there was a piece of paper on the table and because I am snoopy enough, I asked what all they had planned for their Sleepover. They showed me the list. I asked to photocopy it. They obliged:


1. Get D. figured out.
2. Drive to my dad's house.
3. Set up everything that we are going to do.
4. Barbies.
5. Crafts/school.
6. Write what we think about each other. BE HONEST.
7. Boys Boys and uh more Boys.
8. Dance.
9. Video games.
10. Competition--who can stay up the latest?!
11. SODA.
12. How to be preppy/Girly girl.
13. Bed--Well Maybe.


  1. I remember those days... barley. Oh, except number 12. I don't think I was EVER a girly girl.

  2. Awesome! Do you think they'd let me attend? Although i know I wouldn't win the "who can stay up the latest" competition.

  3. That sounds like a really busy night... :)