Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Which Bill Hirsch Got Married

The wedding was held in the San Diego Temple--so beautiful! K and I honeymooned in San Diego and also visited this temple at that time. I'm so thankful for our own temple marriage and for the covenants that we have made. I couldn't have been happier for Bill and his bride.

K is practicing his bubble blowing technique. They passed these bubbles out to everyone for when the newlyweds emerged from the temple. The wind did not cooperate.

It's a good thing these two had a great photographer because I couldn't seem to snap any decent pictures to save my life. Things kept moving and this was all I could manage. Here they are, Bill and Jill! I think the backs of their heads are especially lovely!

This is one of Bill's brothers, Sterling, and Sterling's wife, Julie. Sterling was the witness representing "my side of the family" when we got married. We failed to photograph their two daughters and two sons, all talented, gorgeous, and busy children.

Between the wedding and the reception we visited La Jolla Beach. It's always a treat to visit the ocean! We were a little too dressed up to play, but had an enjoyable time anyway.

This is J who had a fabulous time with her Honey during the whole trip to San Diego. So glad we could use Bill's wedding as an excuse to leave town!

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  1. What beautiful pictures!! California is so beautiful!