Saturday, May 2, 2015

Zermatt Resort

My Darling planned a get-away for us last evening and it was just what we needed! We stayed at the Zermatt in Midway and enjoyed a little dinner, swimming, and hot-tubbing. The hot tub featured a waterfall with warm water splashing down. It was so relaxing. I even got to start reading a brand new book! We totally slept in...rather than waking at my usual 4:30 a.m., I slept until 8:58 a.m. WOW! We had breakfast at the bakery. K ordered a Spumoni Tart and I had a Diamond Fruit and Cheese pastry. We sat on a bench outside and a guy on a Harley pulled up with his dog, Duke, riding on the back. Such a photo!

We then drove around and found ourselves stopping at a little cheese factory with actual black and white cows grazing just outside--so charming. We completely splurged and bought ice cream! Yesterday I worked out at the rec center in the early morning and then had two separate Zumba classes with my fifth graders (to prepare for the dance festival) and then when we went swimming at the resort I was moving in the water the entire time, so...all those calories burned came back to me this morning!

It was grand being with my Sweetie and driving through the canyon enjoying the sun and scenery. It's always grand.

We talked with his parents and wrote our shopping list when we returned home. We did our errands and found some dinner (or "linner" as he likes to say). We cleaned and dusted and washed and dried and folded and put away and took out the trash. Lots of kisses as we accomplished many tasks in our home this afternoon and evening. Our time together is so precious. Zermatt this weekend and the Wyoming Ghetto next!

Wyoming Ghetto is an affectionate term coined by National Park Rangers in reference to government housing (or park housing). We're actually SUPER grateful for the very affordable park housing we enjoy at YELL and for the wonderful maintenance rangers who keep those apartments in the best shape they can. You'd be surprised at how many park employees live up in there behind the trees as you drive by admiring the scenery. We're so excited to see what all shows up in the meadow behind our housing and we know we'll have fabulous neighbors with Eric from Bear Management on one side and Bev and Mickey from Maintenance on the other. Some of the rangers aren't coming back but we're happy for their progress elsewhere. And some rangers are coming back so we look forward to reuniting with them. Hopefully, Harlan will once again be in charge of the Greater Northern Caldera Social Committee (or whatever it is that he calls it)! So, Zermatt this weekend and Park Housing the next. Domestic cows this weekend and Bison the next.

CAN'T WAIT to see my Yellowstone again after another winter away! We are so fortunate to be able to say we've lived IN a National Park, we've lived IN Yellowstone National Park, and we've lived IN a volcano!!! Yes, our bear spray is ready!

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