Saturday, May 30, 2015

Last Day of School (Again)

Whelp, 'tis finished. I will miss all these little humans! As I was handing out report cards and saying goodbye to each student, one boy approached and said, "Mrs. Kyburz, I promised the class I would perform Let it Go one last time." So I allowed it. This time it was a parody, dramatically executed, complete with new words. We were ALL in hysterics. Honestly, I wonder what rehearsal in his bedroom at night really looks like! But someday he'll have his own talk show and everyone needs to get their start somewhere. Let it ever be known he started in Mrs. Kyburz's class back in fifth grade!

I received too many gifts. They are each precious, but the heart-stealer of the day was a blade of grass. It's easier to understand when you read the note on the back. Those little darlings!

Goodbye little bear cubs! Time to kick you out of the den at Kamp Kyburz. I have a new crowd due in around the middle of August.

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