Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Judy Two-Names

Oh, the rangers crack me up!

TR was telling me about training today. Sounds like they WON'T be doing the Wildlife Olympics program at Fishing Bridge this summer because they are getting new cash registers and that will require training and therefore there won't be time for training about how to do Wildlife Olympics or something along those lines...which is really too bad because until you've seen a grown Chinese man giggling his face off next to Yellowstone Lake after attempting many times to jump as high as a bison...well you just haven't lived!

So, in the course of explaining all of this over the phone, TR sort of mumbled the person's name who is in charge of Wildlife Olympics at Mammoth/Park Headquarters. I asked him to repeat her name. He told me her last name was hyphenated and both parts of her hyphenated last name were sort of unusual and tricky to spell and pronounce, so everyone just refers to her as Judy Two-Names!

I adore humans!

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