Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Payson Utah Temple Open House

Stunning, of course.

Without even trying, I got to go.

K and I decided to not even try for tickets due to our annual move to Wyoming, end-of-school activities, and the fact that between our 3-4 jobs, we were never available to sit on-line in order to pounce on the next batch of tickets available.

However, my wonderful second counselor in the stake Primary presidency, Denise, texted me on Sunday evening saying her family had an extra ticket. So I emailed my principal to see if I could be excused a tad early from collaboration and suddenly I was going. Denise drove me to school yesterday and then picked me up and drove me to her parents' home in Provo. Her mom fed me (us) and off we went. Ran into a coworker and her family and then the first person I saw IN the temple hosting was the lady who does my pedicures...big hug from her!

There are one hundred steps in all on the tour, so you do climb quite a ways up. Everything is Light and Beauty. Not to be too negative, but I do think it was the noisiest temple open house I've ever attended--people were just chattering all the way through saying things like, "Wow!" I just remained silent. Other comments were made by strangers behind us which were not in keeping with the tone of the edifice, but overall it was lovely. I just happened to be sweating to death by the time I reached my one hundredth step.

So when Denise kept asking me if I wanted my picture taken once we were back down and outside again, I kept saying "no." The perspiration was still dripping off my face. K and I will go back to do ordinance work in that temple and we'll get our photo at that time. For now, the building alone will more than suffice.

And then Denise took me through the drive-through at Culver's whereupon I ordered a small hot fudge sundae which was made with custard. I called K to tell him all about it and he told me about the earthquake at Fishing Bridge. He also recertified in First Aid and CPR.

And now I need to buy safety pins for the dance festival before I head to school. Did I mention grades are due? I had three baby showers to attend in two days last week and there are two more baby showers this week neither of which I can attend due to previously scheduled appointments. The crazy month of MAY!


  1. Everyone I have talked to said it was the noisiest temple open house too. We were behind a gentleman who was talking on his Bluetooth as he walked through.....

  2. Yes. Very noisy! In Ogden, you walked through SILENTLY. They had posters in the rooms, explaining the purpose of the room. I am soooo shocked that we do not get to be at the dedication! I've done Timp (live), and then Nauvoo, Palmyra, Winter Quarters, Draper, Oquirrh Mountain, Brigham City, and Ogden. I hope the Payson Temple isn't like Brigham City...where you have to have a reservation. But, they didn't ever answer the phone, because there were no reservations. Someone told me to just walk in. But, to make sure Logan and Ogden were both open, or it would be crowded. I did make it the end of April. They said I could go in session because I was alone. Every seat was filled. After, I saw sister workers sitting around in initiatory. Asked if I could be a patron. They said initiatory is waaay down since Ogden opened.