Sunday, May 10, 2015


We have returned to Quarters 709B! Lake in view! Oh, the joy! Last year we were in Quarters 707A and a bunch of nice people made sure we got back to 709B and WOW! It is such a happier feeling to have the meadow out the back door again and 9 windows rather than 4. The space! Oodles and oodles of space compared to last year. Wow.

The first pic is on the back porch. Maintenance boards up all the windows every fall to protect the place from snow. K wishes they would leave the boards over the bedroom windows, but fire code won't allow for it. Turns out Bev and Mickey will NOT be our neighbors in Unit C this year--they are traveling in their retirement. We still get Eric in Unit A who is Mr. Bear Management. Kaitlyn will be in Unit D and Paramedic Pam is in Unit H. Not sure who will be in the other spots, but we're looking forward to the social life.

I now know why rodents have so many burrows and escape hatches--you just never know when a two thousand pound bison will step on your complex and close a passageway off...

The grass will grow, rather tall actually, but for now...this is spring. The snow sticks are at the front doors to help maintenance know where to start digging snow so that rangers can move in. The snow isn't as much as it was the last two years.

We met up with four other returning rangers yesterday afternoon. How I've missed Mike. He is a MASTER at Word Choice. The rest of us refer to park police (Law Enforcement Rangers) as "LE's." You know, pronounced, "El ease." Mike refers to them as "Crime Fighters" and it cracks me up every time.

I mean, sure, sometimes there is that crime stuff, but when I visualize the LE's making grunting noises into their patrol vehicle microphones to get the bison out of the road, the term "Crime Fighters" seems too hysterical. I love Mike. His evening program is full of humor as well.

K turned down tons of other really great jobs at Yosemite, Sequoia, Mesa Verde, Arches, and other cool parks. I'm so glad we get at least one more summer in YELL.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Love to hear about your adventurous life! Have a safe and wonderful summer. Who knows, perhaps our paths will cross, or even better, we'll find ourselves on the same path enjoying the wildflowers.