Friday, February 14, 2014

The "VALUE" of People

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether your heart feels gray or pink today, I send my best wishes to you.

I taught my students the art concept of "value." They really enjoyed making nine hearts each and then deciding which to display and which to give. They enjoyed mixing three out of four colors and playing around with the tone/shades/value. I've been thinking all week about the importance of being positive, finding the value in people no matter their personality, and building up unity in the "herd."

I say "herd" because I showed a video clip from Yellowstone to teach a Bully-Blocker lesson this week. Mr. Grizzly approached a bison herd and at first they just ignored him. Then they moved a little ways away. And then when push came to shove, all the bulls lined up like soldiers with the cows and calves in the back. One of them must have yelled "charge" because they simultaneously went after Mr. which time HE thought to himself, "Oh, crap! I'd better leave!" I explained to my students that in real life, the bear is NOT a bully and that everybody's gotta eat, but the clip did tie in nicely with anti-bullying tactics.

And with no transition, let me just say...sigh...I love my husband with all of my heart! I'm really looking forward to spending the evening with him! It's been Valentine's Day all week! Well, actually, for over nine years now. Blessed!

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