Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sabbath Springs

Our weekend has been pretty chill. Layin' around...watchin' Olympics...laundry folding parties throughout the day...soup for lunch...chit-chat...perfect if you ask me.

We finally got ourselves out of the house to play The Grocery Store Game. Our score last night was $37.85. Life is good and we won't complain.

This morning I woke up and went to feed the ducks at the wetland area where we live (a ninety second walk from our front door). The only reason I thought of it was because we have some older bread (never did this happen?) we're not going to eat. Don't worry, I've already beat myself up over the fact that park rangers shouldn't feed bread (of all things!) to ducks. In fact, we should let the ducks forage for themselves in their natural ecosystem. The only other time I've fed these ducks was one December when I was talking to a neighbor one evening as we were leaving someone else's home to head to our own homes. It was pretty cold and I felt a tugging on my skirt. When I looked down, it was a duck who was saying, "Hey, Lady, can you spare a dime?" So I took pity on those creatures, walked home, grabbed perfectly fresh bread, and said when I returned, "Here are a few calories to help you make it through the night."

Well...obviously someone else has been feeding the ducks because when I showed up with my sack of bread at 6:40 a.m., they knew just what to do. So I ripped up a couple of slices and then pulled out my camera. A few more slices and THAT, my friends, was a total deal breaker. Those ducks headed for safety and no amount of bread tossing thereafter could lure them back. Message received--no photography allowed!

I then walked around the springs mindful to stay away from Duck Hideout. The mist from the springs, the ripples on the water, the gurgling sounds, the twenty-five degree temperature, and the sunrise all made for a peaceful haven. I love that Ms. Timpanogos was so well reflected in the pool. This morning reminded me of my early morning Yellowstone adventures and I can't wait to get back to do more exploring. It was a great beginning to the Sabbath.

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