Sunday, February 16, 2014

Suz's Day

We were honored to be invited to Suzette's wedding and enjoyed every bit of it. She deserves all the happiness in the world! It was a rainy, misty morning in Idaho which I think made everything look all the more beautiful. Personally, I like the photos I was able to get of the Bride and Groom just as they were coming out of the temple. So much happiness! The luncheon was great and part of the entertainment included the nieces singing a song and dancing to it--they all adore their Aunt Suzette! The groom's son plays a mean ukulele and sang a song he wrote about his dad (something about punching a cow). Talented folks. What really blew me away was the tear-jerking song the groom's thirteen year old daughter wrote and sang with her dad at the piano. I only got a pic of the first part of the lyrics...will need to get the whole thing emailed to me soon.

The song goes on to ask, "Where do I fit in and how is this all going to work now?" So heartfelt from a child's perspective concerning the day her mother announced the divorce (loved the line about the beat up old couch...fitting). The song goes on to say that when Suzette showed up (Because She Came), everything got happy again and all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. She also sang about Suz's amazing family and her disbelief that they were now a part of her life. There's a line in there about how she knew now that her daddy would be okay. Somewhere in there is this cute question, "Suzette Gee, will you marry me?" Yeah, we were all crying. I was impressed, reduced to tears, and like I said, blown away.

We are so humbled and grateful that we got to share in their special day. Love them!

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