Monday, May 9, 2011


So, I've been worried about that Mother Robin since yesterday afternoon! She has no IDEA! It started raining a lot yesterday and it rained all night long. There's a light on our building near her nest, so I always have a good view of the situation. That mama bird totally took one for the team last night. She just spread her wings out and hunkered down for the duration! It must have been a long, cold night, but nevertheless, her responsibility is to keep those five eggs warm and turned at secret robin-knows-best intervals. She looked miserable, but I kept telling myself that robins have been doing this sort of self-sacrifice for eons. I noticed this morning that she got a little break, but not for long. She was right back to it after my shower. And it has been cold and rainy again today. I'm glad this will only go on for a couple of weeks. I'm not entirely sure I could stand the stress any longer than that. Once the babies hatch, they will need to be FED. A lot. Work of a different kind for Mother Robin.

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  1. I guess nobody else cares about robins??? Or...nobody cares about blog posts without photos?