Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Irish Boys

It was a Beautiful Day in Salt Lake City last night! I would like to personally thank Bono, The Edge, and the other guys for performing so well for ME! I thoroughly enjoyed myself by listening, singing, smiling, dancing, screaming, and clapping. U2 was phenomenal. I can't begin to describe the stage and the lighting and all the special effects. The whole show was brilliant! I'd like to thank Rach for suggesting ear plugs. I had neon green ones that matched my shirt and they allowed me to hear everything perfectly minus the damage. I may have to rip off One and tweak it a little bit for a thematic cave tour program. Bono sang this little bit called Rejoice that was amazing--every note was perfection--I wish I could hear it again. Our seating was actually upgraded when we arrived so that was a bonus. The weather was perfect. I know my husband had a great time too because he is not often physically affectionate with me in public, but he couldn't help but kiss me a few times during the concert! And just for the record, Bono's spine is FINE. He was swinging across the stage with sparkly red stuff coming out of his jacket. They performed for two and a half hours. As the evening was ending, I was getting worried, but then there it was...With or Without You! They knew I couldn't go home without hearing that.

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