Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Try to Teach

Another Teacher Appreciation Week has come and gone. I tell you, our PTA and all the students and families REALLY go all out for our school and faculty! I can't begin to list all of the treats and prizes I found in my box, the amazing decorations, the presents and snacks, the gift cards, and the DARLING NOTES from each student!!! And just so you know, it ain't just me. All of the teachers in our building have been spoiled rotten! Some of the notes that made me chuckle had comments about my curly hair (I would describe it as unruly) and stylish clothes. Stylish? Who knew? One boy thanked me for taking the time to help him really understand math, especially because I "didn't have to." Well, yes, it IS part of my job! These children really are THE Hope of America and I adore them. I enjoyed the note from one girl who thanked me for a large classroom library since her third grade teacher only had three shelves and she had already read everything. Another girl is quite aware of my addiction to school supplies, so she restocked me with fresh new writing implements. They really do pay attention when you mention your favorite flower and stuff like that. I don't deserve it all. I don't. But K and I are enjoying the rewards, right down to every last chocolate dipped strawberry.

Every year we have what I call "Potluck Gift Wrap." The kids brings scraps from home and I dig around for anything we can possibly use to wrap up Mother's Day gifts. About an hour before it's time to go home, I instruct the children to wrap their journals, the ones we've been keeping since the first day of school. You should see the looks on their faces, because they've been under the impression we would be doing a little craft or something! However, there IS no other option, so they all comply and that wrapped gift is their ticket home for the weekend. I love, Love, LOVE to see the finished products! It's one of the favorite things we do all year (MY favorite things) because they put so much love and earnest desire into the way their mom's face is sure to light up when she gets a first look at THIS:

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  1. WOW!!! I got one tiny necklace with an "m" on the front for Teacher Appreciation! The kids were supposed to write notes...I got 2...and one said my mom made me do this! I saw many teachers make 2 and 3 trips to their cars with all their gifts! It's always like this when I have naughty kids! 14/25! Condita has 4, BreAnn 1 and Matt 0! Love the idea of the journal!