Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Big Fill

I went to work with K on Saturday since we have no common days off at the moment. Just the ride out and the ride back is more time than I would get with him normally, so I take my opportunities when they come along. He got out of the car and I headed back down the road to walk the Big Fill trail. This is where construction crews filled in an enormous area for the railroad grade back in the nineteenth century. The morning was cool (about 37 degrees and windy) and threatened rain, but no worries, I always have a little rain poncho with me. I hadn't walked this trail for awhile, so it was good to get back. I had a happy time just walking and thinking and praying. The morning was soothing after a stressful week at school. I'm so glad I can get outside as often as I do. It does a body good and I can't enumerate what all it does for the soul. After a couple of miles, I headed back to the VC.

K had to drive to town to make a deposit, so off we went--more car time with the ranger! When we returned to the VC, we had lunch together, another rarity. I read for awhile and then napped in the car. Later I hung out in the VC for a bit. After work, we attended the annual potluck for volunteers. Everyone's so excited about the May 10th celebration. It was great to see all the Spike folks at the party. Good people everywhere! We are so blessed with various friends from various aspects of our lives.

Mr. and Mrs. Raven

A bit of terrain, a view of ATK...

This natural rock shelter was probably used by the men who were constructing the railroad while they were blasting the rock. It was a great place to hang out when the dynamite got lit! K got to hike with the archaeologist last week and learned a lot about the dwellings used back in 1869. He saw dugouts (really shallow holes in the ground...unbelievable that people lived there for three or four months) and rock chimneys to let smoke out and tent pads/sites. It was a happenin' place for its time.

The walk was so medicinal. Just me and that pair of ravens. I love it when I'm outside and get to have the whole place to myself. Everything was calm and quiet. There was a breeze. The temperature was around 54 degrees when I got back to the car. Perfect hiking weather! I look forward to the hiking I'll be doing at the cave this summer. That job is such a blessing in several ways. I enjoy the Cave Family so much and without the visitors, I wouldn't have very many funny stories to tell! I'm so thankful that I've been given many things to do in my life to keep me busy and stretching and growing. My life is full because of these interesting things (teaching, rangering, marriage, reading, get the idea). You might say it's a little twist on the meaning of "The Big Fill." So...what's your personal Big Fill? What sorts of things have enriched your life?

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  1. Not that I have a large audience, but from the lack of comments, I should suppose the Big Fill isn't as meaningful to all of you as it is to me?