Friday, December 31, 2010

Walking in Snow

We stopped for a few minutes up on top of Rabbit Ears Pass in Colorado. The snow was just dropping from the heavens. In fact, driving down from the pass was like being on a sledding course--just stay between the two snowbanks on either side and follow the track down the mountain.

This is my first post-surgical snowshoe outing. It was tough breaking trail near Frisco, Colorado. Great to get out, though, especially in the middle of our long road trip. Like the cave trail in summer, I'm hoping our snowshoe treks will become a little easier for me as I condition myself.

There's a bit of a tradition at Grandpa's farm to take a walk after dinner. It was SO cold and blustery and windy that we decided to just go down the road a piece. However, it was SO cold and blustery and windy that we decided to turn around until K said, "We have to at least make it to the white sign." So we did. And then I ran ahead just a bit more to say that I made it farther than the others.

Attempts to capture the right glimpse.

There's my sweet hubby and his incredible parents. Inlaws=JACKPOT!

I think they call this building the...well, I honestly don't know. So many outbuildings: the barn, the shed, the garage...this one may be the corn crib. No idea, but this is where I asked about and finally learned the word cupola.

The Summer Kitchen. I think they used to butcher chickens, put up green beans, and do other sorts of farm work here. Still not entirely clear about the true meaning of "Summer Kitchen."

K noticed all of these birds congregating during the snowfall. So, of course, he grabbed the camera, ran outside, and snapped the photo. We parkies kind of roll that way.

We just hope we can continue walking, walking in snow.


  1. having done living history at jensen historical farm (american west heritage center) in wellsville,'s only called a summer kitchen so you didn't heat up the house. i worked in the summer kitchen at jensen farm, we even baked in both the house and summer kitchen ovens. it was rather interesting, esp. to check the eggs before we cracked them for "inhabitants..."

  2. Thanks, Liss! I actually looked it up on today and it said the same thing (a detached kitchen to avoid getting the house too hot...or something like that). You've done it all, haven't you? You could get a job as a park ranger and dress up in period costume for programs!