Friday, December 31, 2010

The Arrival of the 119

Winter Steam Festival is an annual tradition at Golden Spike National Historic Site. From May to October, both locomotives come out daily for visitors, but they get put away for repairs and maintenance during the winter. However, each year in December, one of them gets to come out to show off her steam in the cold winter air. This year was the coal-fired No. 119. She's beautiful. You never know who or what may arrive on the locomotive. This year, I saw three boxes of giant cinnamon rolls walk off that locomotive. They were the perfect complement to Ron's Dutch Oven Chili. Last year was the wood-fired Jupiter. That's when they roast hot dogs!

Can you find the STEAM in each of these pictures???

My favorite Park Ranger in the Universe helping visitors make a connection to the resource.

Ron, the Engineer

K's office and hat press at the Spike.

It's her time to shine and spout off a little steam!


  1. I'll have to look for this next December!

  2. Yes! Winter Steam Festival is always held for three days between Christmas and New Year's. They allow you to actually climb up on the locomotive for a cab tour (you don't get that on May 10th). Weather permitting, they also have hand car and speeder rides which are lots of fun.