Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The hardest part about making these Christmas Hugs is unwrapping all of the candies. With K's help, this project was completed quickly and smoothly. Lots of compliments were received from the rangers at the cave party, the faculty members at my school, the rangers at the Spike, and the other people we've shared them with. Someone said, "It's the perfect combination of sweet and salt." We snagged this idea from K's relatives in the midwest!

I taught my last Old Testament lesson in the adult Sunday School on Sunday. I have a team teacher now, so he'll be teaching the next two Sundays to finish out 2010 and then it's on to the New Testament for 2011. My class (fellow ward members, neighbors, and friends--all ages!) is darling. They do such a great job of studying, preparing, making comments, sharing insights, participating when I ask them to do things like reader's theater and making bunny rabbits out of modeling clay...that I thought I would take a treat to them for Christmas. Not knowing how many will show up week to week, I hid seven dozen cookies inside the table-top podium I use. Adults members of the Sunday School are no different than a room full of fifth graders. Those cookies were GONE in less than three minutes (which is what I WANTED to happen)!


  1. So do you just melt the hugs a little bit? Looks yummy.

  2. Foil on cookie sheet. Oven 200 degrees. Bake five minutes and stick the M&M in immediately. Cool completely (as in overnight).