Sunday, December 12, 2010

Faking It

Last Wednesday was the Boston Tea Party in our fifth grade. Boston Harbor happened to be a box on a table located in King George's office (somewhat difficult to access). Each student received a Lipton tea bag and the goal was to dump it in the harbor without getting caught by King George (the assistant principal) or any of his British generals and soldiers (teachers and other adults in the school). Students had to get creative to first of all LEAVE the classroom and second of all to actually accomplish the task. If caught, they were either put in prison or hung for treason against the king. of my darlings made this fake hall pass. She used her best cursive. She even hole-punched it and threaded it with a long thin strip of paper towel to hang it around her neck, hoping the adults wouldn't actually examine the pass too closely (just glance and see that she had one). However, leaving nothing to chance, she further authenticated her work by putting several x's and hearts on said pass. Do these children know me, or what???

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