Monday, December 13, 2010

Donde Esta Santa Claus?

On Friday we had about ten minutes before lunch. Frankly, I didn't have much for the children to do for that specific ten minutes. I simply told them to stay in their seats and read or finish up anything else they needed to quietly. My plan was to hurry and finish correcting their spelling tests before lunch. I had this great idea to put on some Christmas music and told the class. Track 1...nothing. Track 2...everyone was still calm and in their seat. But Track 3 proved to be just the thing our class NEEDED for a Friday. Spontaneously (as in...we have never danced even once this year), many students arose from their seats and without asking any sort of permission, began dancing with no qualms whatsoever. I stopped correcting and snapped a few photos. Friday Joy and Christmas Morph (Christmas Morph is my term for when the fifth graders begin exhibiting signs that they are slowly turning into sixth graders)!

I know that I should be sleeping.

Out of the window I'm peeping.

We played Track 3 again.

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