Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Uintas

This is a daddy Western Tanager feeding bugs to his babies. Ranger Kristen found this nest just off the cave trail at half-way. We've all been watching the progress each morning and evening. You may need to click on the animal pictures in this post to get a better view.

K and I had ourselves another trip. I wish I could bottle up the fresh scents of the Uinta Mountains right after summer rain. I wish I could keep forever that sound of ice water swishing in the old red Coleman jug my parents used on similar excursions as our vehicle rattled around on dirt roads. After we set up camp, we hiked on the Christmas Meadows Trail. K spied a black and white woodpecker that was really going to town for some insects. We made many creek crossings, and a moose allowed itself to be photographed. I realized something about myself on this hike. I'm certainly getting fussy as I age because I've decided I don't like to hike trails used by mules (Grand Canyon--they tear that trail up so it's like hiking uphill on sand dunes) and horses (Christmas Meadows--deep mud mixed with horse manure). I don't have the advantage of four legs so I like my trails a bit more firm I guess.

This is Christmas Meadows, a much photographed scene in Utah! My K exclaimed that he felt like he was in Heaven.

This was our place at Sulpher Campground along the Mirror Lake Highway. We camped at 9,100 feet and the temperature this morning was forty-three degrees. It rained a lot, off and on, but God smiled on us and only let it rain after we finished our hikes and after we finished cooking and eating. It did rain for about three hours straight last night. I felt like we were tomato plants and someone had a giant watering can held over us the entire time.

These are some views of a stunning place called Ruth Lake. I don't know who Ruth was, but she must have been some lady to get a place like this named after her. This is at 10,000-something feet elevation.

This is the Provo River at an overlook. Gorgeous gorge!

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  1. I'll have to add the Uinta mountains to my list of places to visit!