Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Holiday Weekend

This is the American Fork River. I was roving the Canyon Nature Trail whilst on duty the other day, so of course, I snapped a few pictures.

This is Ranger J. The superintendent turned on the air conditioning and closed all the windows. Ranger J. smells a dead rodent in the ventilation system and cannot stand it. Therefore, he wears a bandana while answering the phone. He looked so miserable I had to snap this photo.

Are you so tired of all of my flower photos? Well, over the years, I have learned so much and my sweetie and I can't stop admiring them. Hope you love them too!

Along the way during our hike.

Stewart Falls or Stewart's Cascades. I asked K about the name of the place and of course he knew. Stewart was the name of the guy who owned Sundance before Robert Redford did. Back then, it was called Timphaven (or Timp Haven?). It's two miles to the falls, so four miles round trip. Beautiful day, pretty scenery, just nice all the way around.

We were too dusty and sweaty to try for a Christmas Card photo together.

Let me just say that every day's a holiday with K. And every meal's a banquet! Today we went to the Farmers Market in downtown Salt Lake City at Pioneer Park. It was the two of us, five thousand other people, and four thousand dogs. Big dogs. Apparently, the Farmers Market is actually for the dogs. Now I know. We had a good time walking around the entire place a couple of times, sampling some wares, and getting sniffed by a lot of dogs. We actually ran into an old neighbor! In the end, our purchases included: raspberry jam, a cherry chocolate cookie, some turkey jerky, two small zucchini, and four of God's most Celestial tomatoes. We haven't tasted them yet, but the four tomatoes rang up to the tune of $7.50! We must have had some sticker-shock looks on our faces because the guy said, "Let's make it an even $7." All of this AND free parking! Tony Caputo's Italian Deli was just north of the market. It's a place K has visited a couple of times. Thanks to his thoughtfulness, I have tasted their smoked gouda and their pasta salad. That was our lunch spot and it was AWESOME. Their pasta salad has tortelloni (? the one with cheese inside), and big rotini, and kidney beans, and garbanzo beans. It's just the most wonderful pasta salad. My mozzarella, tomato, basil sandwich was good too. K enjoyed his sandwich and bought some salami to take back. Then we headed to the planetarium to see an IMAX movie, but the one we wanted wasn't showing. We viewed "Mayan Skies" or something like that in the dome theatre. So, the chairs were soft, your head is tilted back to look up at the dome, and the lights go out. I had a great nap! K has known me to fall asleep during quite a few flicks. He nudges me if I snore. By the way, we had little ice packs in the trunk of the car to keep our purchases cool--worked like a charm.

After the show, we walked around the Gateway and bought camping pillows at Dick's Sporting Goods. We then stopped at Bath and Body Works to stock up on lotion and soap. K's a good sport! We are lucky to live in a country where we can do so many varied things and blog about them!!

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