Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cedar Breaks National Monument

One evening, I was closing the cave with these two other rangers. She's a grad student in jazz guitar and he learned harmonica last summer. We went out on the patio after putting away our radios and flat hats to spend the remainder of our duty time. They sounded SO GOOD together (improv) that they played for some visitors the following day.

We found a place called Mammoth Cave. This is where we went in (I didn't go all the way in). These pictures were snapped after K got out.

And this is where he came out! Does that hole look small to you? It was small! I made him put his foot in front of it for size perspective. Yep, that's where he came out.

He's just so happy to be muddy and caving.

There's a stretch of road with nothing but piles and piles of lava rock for miles and miles--it's all the eye can see.

Our campsite at 10,350 feet, surrounded by wildflowers.

This morning we hiked the Wasatch Ramparts Trail which is beyond the Spectrum Overlook (4 miles round trip). We have SO MANY PICTURES from our various adventures to Cedar Breaks. We are impressed by Bristlecone Pines. This one is like 2000-5000 years old! I know.

Our last hike before heading home was the Alpine Pond Trail.

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  1. You are getting so much great camping in this summer. I'm jealous. I'm heading to Washington where my friend JOelle lives and we'll try to hit some national parks--Rainier, Olympia. Then my family--about five of them--will join us in Seattle for an Alaskan cruise for seven days. So, I'm driving to Seattle and back so I can see the sights.