Monday, July 19, 2010


There are signs along the cave trail that warn about rattlesnake habitat. People think we're kidding. People don't think there could ever be anything dangerous in a national park or monument. People don't think. Well, we really do have rattlesnakes and today, Ranger Jon got to move two of them under the direction of Ranger Nancy and Yours Truly. I'll never forget MY first rattlesnake moving experience either! You should hear rangers talk, "He's gorgeous!" "Ooh, how PRETTY!" "Have we named this one yet?" "I don't recognize this one, do you?" Why do we move them? To protect them from the people. I am not even kidding.

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  1. so....this is belated...somehow your blog fell out of my google reader.
    anyway, i laugh at the "people don't think they'll get hurt in a national park". i remember hiking the grand canyon and watching people prance down the trail in flip flops, no water, etc. and when we hiked out the park ranger halfway up the trail told us that they go in 3-4 times a day to rescue people in the peak season. and they always get uptight when there's no helicopter or mule for them to get out....only if you're half dead, basically. if you got in, you can get out! sometimes people just do NOT use their heads....