Thursday, October 13, 2016

I Already Knew This, But My Professor Said Blogs Aren't Cool Anymore

In class the other night we were talking about "new literacies" and my professor said something like, "I apologize to those of you who may still blog, but blogging has been replaced by other things."

Yeah, I knew that. All the cool Mormon moms who were so into blogging three to five years ago stopped, rather suddenly, and I've always wondered why. I mean, other things have come along such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, but I still question, "If you were so into it before, all about blogging, why would you suddenly give it up?" You see, I blog because I like to write. But I don't have children, so did these moms have perhaps a third child and that's when they decided that something like blogging had to go? Or was their purpose in blogging more shallow than that? Maybe they were just being trendy and "cool" and once the trend was over they said, "Thank goodness I don't have to pretend I like to write anymore!" I mean, I doubt they've gone back to writing by hand in their journals. I doubt they journal online using Google Docs. I'm pretty sure they simply stopped writing. They abandoned their blogs.

You see, I blog for myself. It's still scary each and every time I post. "Will this come back to haunt me? So there must be something I like about the unknown audience. And it just so happens I have about fifteen followers. And every now and then I get one comment. I'm hardly ever caught doing anything because it's trendy. For example, we do not have gray walls and white cabinets in our kitchen. And I never had one of those stars in my house (or on my house). However, I've known for a long time that I am the one that does not look like all of the others.

So here's to not being cool.


  1. I miss blogs too. I miss writing in mine. What has happened to most of the people I know who have quit blogging is burn out. Life happened and they got burned out and blogging was the last thing on their list and Facebook/Instagram/etc. was easier to do. I miss my blog but I don't dare write on it anymore. So I just shut it down.

  2. I love blogging! I started doing it for my class, and now that I'm retired, I just do it for me! And, many times I get way behind, but I always catch up! I just did my post about the State Fair a month ago. Someday, I want to figure out how to do it in a book.