Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ha Ha Ha!

I received an email at school today from some nice person informing me that I was receiving the email because I was named/chosen/whatever as the school's STEM Fair representative for fifth and sixth grade! Ha ha ha! Just push me over the cliff, People.

First of all, our school has never had fifth graders do science fair. I used to do it with my fifth graders at another school, but at my current school, science fair has always been a sixth grade thing...until the sixth grade teachers decided they were too exhausted to keep doing it. I haven't been keeping track, but our school hasn't done Science/STEM Fair for a couple/few years. Sad, but true.

I don't blame those sixth grade teachers one bit. And because I don't blame them, I don't blame myself either.

I hit "reply" and wrote something akin to:
"I'm not sure how I made it on your list as a school representative, but I respectfully request that you remove my name from your list. I teach school, take graduate classes at BYU, serve as the stake Primary president in my church, am a Unit Commissioner for two Cub Scout packs, and my husband currently resides in Wyoming. I can't handle one more thing."

Perhaps I should have emailed a link to my blog post from this morning entitled, "Today I Can Breathe a Little."

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  1. You forgot the part where your school hasn't been doing it for a long while.... so nice of whoever "them" is to sign you up for something your school has given up on!