Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Friend, Hertha, Died Today

Hertha was my high school classmate and we were never actually very close, but I have always admired her personality and wit and spunk and...FIRE.

Through Facebook I have loved watching her grandchildren grow and seeing what a fantastic Nan she has been to them.

If I feel this much loss for a distant friend, how is her husband coping?

I am grateful to know about the Plan of Salvation and all the Savior Jesus Christ has done for each one of us. It's hard to believe it was her time, her turn, but all will be made right in the end.

Once in English class we had to write an essay and she wasn't prepared with paper and our teacher wouldn't give her she wrote her essay on her desk. Yes, the actual desk. In No. 2 pencil. Red-faced, fuming, she wrote her little heart out. I will never forget that about her.

Oh, Hertha, I'm so sorry your grandkids will grow up without knowing their Nan. I pray I can be more like you by enjoying life, the little moments with family, and smiling for every picture. You're the best!

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