Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Crafts, Caves, and Chips

I Mod Podged a pumpkin. So unlike me.

We made our Epsom Cave, an annual event for my class. I drew sticks out of the can and sent it home with one happy boy who told me just this morning that he bought some crickets for his praying mantis and next thing he knew..."I had crickets all over my bedroom walls!"

And this other young person who spends time with me keeps munching on chips in class. He has his backpack strategically set up with the flap open (and the chips open) and...crinkle, crinkle, crinkle! I keep asking him if he's had breakfast and he keeps telling me he has. One of our vocabulary words last week was "captivated." In our class discussion we talked about things that truly captivated us and then the topic turned to food. This boy was having a hard time engaging in the discussion so I called on him asking if there were any foods in his life that captivated him. Of course he replied, "Chips." I certainly fell nicely into that one.

One of my girls shared her report with me via Google Docs and attached a little disclaimer stating, "I don't care for punctuation. This is a work in progress."

And last week as I was teaching Copley's portrait of Paul Revere, I began by asking the class, "Does anyone know who this is?" One young man raised his hand and countered hesitantly, "Is it...Jack Black?"

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