Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend 2016

For the first time in my entire life...I picked up a couple of hitchhikers. These Taiwanese girls, Hannah and Joann, were hitchhiking between Norris and Canyon. All my stuff was in the trunk so I had room, and I figured they were employees of either Delaware North or Xanterra. Delaware North. They are headed home next week and they miss their Taiwanese food the most. Sounds like they break even financially when they come to work for the summer. Hannah studies nutrition and Joann studies radiology. If their parents only knew how much hitchhiking their kids do...but they said everyone is really nice.

I had the best sleep at the Kunz home on Friday night. Dark basements are the best for that. Picked up some tumbleweed somewhere along the way and it stayed with me all the way to Fishing Bridge. Saw this car with a homemade wooden trunk and padlock in Idaho Falls. The bumper was barely attached. We all make do, don't we? Drove right past a wildfire so had to snap some pics.

Instead of going straight to Quarters 709B, I drove out the East Entrance road only to run into oncoming bison traffic. Who knows what they're up to, charging around onto the road, through the trees, over the bridge. Silly bison.

The meadows are golden and everything is looking quite autumnal. The Ranger and I walked out to Sand Point--lovely view! We saw snow this morning between Canyon and Norris. Then we walked to Steamboat Geyser in the rain. Kissed goodbye in West.

I didn't even shower today let alone do anything with my hair and yet, he gazes down at me and says, "Cutie." He's pretty smitten with me. And I with him.

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