Friday, May 27, 2016

Moving to Yellowstone and Unpacking at Fishing Bridge

Before TR left for his tour of duty, little piles of stuff started to appear around the house. What? You don't own any hat traps? I just thought I would document it.

And then we unpacked. It was interesting for me to see what all he packed since he did it by himself. I mean, yes, I generally know, but when I carried this HEAVY plastic drawer of Forest Service maps into the apartment at Fishing Bridge, I had to smile. That's my boy! Slightly addicted to maps and atlases.

Thought I'd snap a photo of the food he selects. Shelf stable milk is such a great thing to have on hand. He's fond of all the ramen and yakisoba and cup of noodle soups for lunch.

And then there are park ranger textbooks. He studies a lot in the park to improve his many, varied interpretive programs. Plus, when you live without internet and television, you tend to read more than the average bear.

And with all that studying comes study breaks which obviously require some type of M&M's. I personally think four big bags is excessive, but this guy has a serious sweet tooth. Cheaper to haul them into the park in bulk than to buy them at the G Store (general store).

Don't worry, I'll transport some fresh vegetables and fruits when it's my turn to move up there.

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