Saturday, May 7, 2016

Just Buying a Hair Product at the Store Today

We went on 8 errands today! I think 8 is a lot of stops. But we made it. At one of the stops, I purchased a Biolage hair styling product as suggested by my hair dresser even though it costs a small fortune. I should just give up, but I do continue to at least make efforts with my hair.

Anyway, the clerk was very slow and trying too hard to chat with each customer standing in line waiting for our turn to get the sale rung up. When it was my turn to step to the front, she was still workin' it and so she brightly asked, "Do you have kids?"

"Nope," I said.

I don't always add on that we've had four pregnancy losses.

So she tried a little too hard once again, "But you're goin' to see your mom, right?"

I answered, "She's underground."

I walked out of the store.


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  2. Nice answers!!! I'm glad at church, the gift is not just for mothers, but Relief Society sisters!

  3. Sigh. My mom's underground too. :(