Friday, December 18, 2015

Twisted White Elephant

Ah, an emotional day. I held it together pretty well

Oh, the LAUGHTER! We had our White Elephant Gift Exchange and boy, I was surprised by the girl who wrapped Barbie Doll parts and glue gunned some of them onto headbands. I wonder what she'll grow up to be someday. She is one creative little creature! One gentlemen purchased a goldfish this morning, but it was dead by the time the gifts were passed around...I'll have to warn against wrapping living things next year.

Yuko is sixteen and arrived in the states for the first time on Tuesday. On Thursday she was teaching my class, in English, and 400 pieces of origami paper later...everyone was happy!

We had our Christmas Sing and my teammates did so much for it. The kids looked cute and did a wonderful job. Nitro, our school mascot (Dragon) showed up to lead a song and then Santa and Mrs. Claus made an appearance and danced. The kids were screaming and cheering with excitement. Did I mention it was Pajama Day? One of my boys told me he cried!

One of my former students from this school year stopped by to pick up his class picture--more emotion! And one of my girls said goodbye--today was her last day. My class is a bit of a revolving door this year. No matter, I'll keep them as long as I can. Wonderful children. The only children I have.

Now, onto my new personal celebration: Jolabokaflod. Must figure out how to pronounce it. Finished a book this morning before school!!!

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