Tuesday, December 15, 2015

If you knit winter hats and donate them...

...please know you are doing so much good in the world even if you don't get to see the outcome.

Someone donated some beautifully made hats and scarves to our elementary school a couple of weeks ago. They came in bright and vivd colors and in three different sizes! This person is an angel.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked my students to write anonymous notes to me informing me of anything they think one of their classmates needs (I do this annually). These kids are so observant! However, this year, most of the comments were about emotional needs (needs a friend, needs someone to play with at recess). I didn't get the usual: needs shoes, could use a sweater, etc. So, I couldn't really think of anyone who needed anything and since we had recently gone on an overnight field trip to a place at 8,000 feet elevation with tons of snow, I thought my kids were pretty good at the moment in terms of outdoor wear. Still, the hats were sitting there so one day when my students all had Chromebooks I asked, "If anyone needs a winter hat, send and email to me, even if it's you that needs the hat instead of someone else." Nothing.

Some families struggle. Lots of families struggle. Some kids have been through a LOT by the time they reach fifth grade. They're old enough to know better than to ask. They've learned a bit about being selfless and sacrificing for younger siblings. They know they have pretty much grown out of their pants, but they also know nothing is to be done about it at the moment. So they go on with happy hearts!

One kid has been enduring recess without a winter coat. The principal noticed it had been given to the younger sibling. Well, I knew we didn't have a coat, but at least I could hook him up with one of those hats. So I found a sneaky way to get him to the office to take a look. He tried some on for size. And then he commented, "I like that red and black one." It fit! He was all set with a new hat!

That was early this morning. Right before lunch, he came to me and quietly asked, "About the hat...when do I give it back?"

I said, "It's yours forever."

Dear Lady who knitted the red and black hat, I cannot write the light I saw in his face.


  1. Hurray for the goodness of common, ordinary people! I hope that student can get a coat!!!

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