Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kansas City Temple

In honor of Joseph Smith's birthday on the 23rd, we attended the Kansas City LDS Temple and did some family names in the endowment session. The weather was warm with blue skies. There was so much to celebrate and yet, we added Aunt Chris' name to the prayer roll because she has been diagnosed with colon cancer. We also added the family of Curt Marzolf, a relative whose funeral was being held that same morning in Nauvoo, Illinois (K's parents attended, we almost went, but decided to stick with Plan A). Curt was 22, had finished his bachelor's degree, had a job lined up to start in January and had recently been engaged to the woman he dated for three years. His alleged killer is that woman. So much going for him and suddenly he's gone. Good Morning America did a story on him.

It's a metaphor for life: blue skies one second and then...opposition. I'm so thankful that ultimately God is in charge. We all need to do the best we can. We need to have faith in our Savior. We need to choose well. And after all we can do for ourselves, we rely on Him.

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