Saturday, December 5, 2015

I Love to Study

I don't think I'll be snapping any photos of all the research I've read or my textbooks or all the sticky notes I've used or my three separate three-ring binders or my ten different colors of highlighters and my eight different colors of gel pens...but let it ever be known that I LOVE to study!!!

Sounds crazy, right? Who would want more work, more deadlines, more requirements, and more stretching? Well, me, that's who. It's not always the easiest to juggle my various obligations and duties and yes, sometimes I silently beg for the chance to just do one task really well instead of being spread out over so many tasks, but every single time I've attended my Foundations of Literacy class, I have felt HAPPINESS. I've never cared how much homework was assigned. I diligently kept up with my weekly reading and writing assignments. And now...

Now I am in the midst of my final project, a long paper typed in APA format (thank you, Citation Machine!), using a minimum of ten different sources/research articles/professional papers. And I'm having a BLAST!

All this stuff just blows the mind. It makes me want to ask my administrators to teach a class during professional development. I want to text and email my teammates, "Have you heard of this? Did you know this?!?" Exciting stuff.

And mostly I hope it's helping my students. I hope this class I've taken and all the text I've digested makes it way to my students' brains and hearts.

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