Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful! Thankful!

I have staved off doing the daily gratitude posts on Facebook and other such tasks. But I am grateful every day. I am grateful for God's timing. I've been sick for about 12 days, but He has managed to guide me through everything and because of the holiday, I actually have time to be sick--to hack and cough, to blow my nose, to avoid getting dressed, and to sleep anytime the whimsy strikes. It really takes the stress away not having to teach or make the lesson plans for someone to teach in my place.

I'm thankful for my husband who puts up with all of my worst moments. A friend said recently, "Today was not my most shining day." Yep. I've had those days. And still, he loves me. He made the raspberry pretzel jello last night and then for the first time in his life, he made deviled eggs. He put some vinegar in according to the recipe he found (I don't use a recipe and I would never use vinegar for this), so yes, they have a little bite and the paprika he tried sprinkling on top came out in clumps...but I don't care really. What a guy!

I'm grateful to be a teacher of fifth graders. They are hysterical every day. We played our annual game of "Priscilla, where art thou?" on Tuesday and it was comical. A boy and a girl are blindfolded in the center of our circle of chairs. They walk around saying their lines. Every time the boy calls out, "Priscilla, where art thou?" the girl has to answer, "Here, John!" Priscilla is trying to evade John. Sometimes they bump into each other in seconds and sometimes it takes a bit longer. However, with this crazy class...I had a girl doing Ninja Parkour moves all over that floor blindfolded to avoid John! And then one of the boys was strutting around like a turkey (blindfolded) putting on a real drama, flapping his "wings" and talking in a funny voice, "Where are you, Priscilla? I can SMELL you? Smells like...strawberry!" It was hilarious! The kids would look at me and say things like, "Yep, she's turning red!" All that laughter was medicine to me.

My sister is in the hospital today and although I wish I could be with her in the Midwest, it does cause me to think of how healthy I am...and I am certainly thankful for that.

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