Monday, November 9, 2015

Lucky Man!

TR tells me every day (several times a day) that he loves me. He tells me verbally, through physical affection, and also through his actions--cooks, cleans, inquires as to how he can help ease my schedule and burdens...really fantastic!

And I guess I've bragged about him more than I realize. One day recently he came to school for lunch--he brought lunch--and when he checked in at the office as a visitor, he presented both secretaries with individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies from the restaurant (because he wondered if they see all these lunches coming through for other teachers while they get "neglected"). One of the secretaries called my classroom before he had the chance to walk down and said, "No WONDER you're always bragging about your husband! He just brought us cookies!" Yep, he's a pretty nice guy.

Last night I had the privilege of speaking with an old friend of mine for an hour on the phone. He is one of my favorite elders from my mission. Our friendship has been mostly dormant throughout the years, but we stay in touch via Facebook, etc. We've been out to dinner with him and his wife, but we hardly talk or visit. Somewhere in there he said, "Jody, you have always don't know...I could stick any nice, positive adjective in there and it would describe you perfectly. Ken's a lucky man!"

Aww...I never hear this kind of thing from others. Everyone tells me how lucky I am to have Ken. It was nice to hear that he might have a good thing going on as well. Of course I blurted this all out to my dear husband the moment I hung up (and don't worry...this friend is divorced and gay, not flirting).

Sorry to brag, but I have to hold on to these little moments.

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