Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bus Duty and Student Antics

So bus duty is always something. This last week I had it in a new location! I've been teaching at this school since it was built and I've never had bus duty in this location! I arrived and saw wheels strewn everywhere! As if the public sidewalk were their own yard or driveway, children felt totally comfortable about abandoning their bikes and scooters for the day, heading off to class with full confidence that their ride home would be there in the afternoon. I love the way they "park" by sticking the handle bar through a very particular place in the fence--their personal parking spot. Certainly no one would ever want to steal that red Huffy bike...perfectly safe without a lock of any kind! And by the way, we DO have bike racks available. Oh, the childhood codes of conduct!

Kids love to hide and they are clever about doing it. Can you believe those coats hanging on the coat rack contain children?

This was the last week of the term. We were also packing and preparing for Clear Creek. We had a spelling test, a math test, a Dragon Time test, and a science test. One of my girls was sick for three days during the Wax Museum and finally had the chance to do her oral presentation about Susan B. Anthony. She did a great job and had a great costume.

Immediately after she finished, two boys asked if they could show me and the class something. I asked what it was. "Just something we made up." Deciding this might be a good way to relieve the craziness, I consented. Next thing I knew, we were completely mesmerized, chuckling, laughing, and admiring these two actors. I couldn't look away. They were fabulous and hilarious! The kids were laughing in all the right places, the humor was really good, and I couldn't believe their character development! The Australian accents didn't hurt either!

But here's the went on for a long 12 minutes. Fifth graders are notorious for not knowing when or how to end, so they just keep going. I began to worry that it would go on forever, though it was still funny. Just about then, they concluded. Their character names are Johnny and Crocky. Their facial expressions were priceless! Their use of space was incredible. The timing of their jokes was impeccable. Wish I had a video of it. Just before it ended, I had decided that they learned this skit at Scout Camp or some such place. Or...I thought it was merely a re-enactment of a popular YouTube video or some after school television show...maybe a scene from a movie. After the applause, I asked, "What show is that from?" They smiled and said, "We made it up."

"You made that UP?!?" Wow. I was impressed. But still skeptical. "When did you make it up?"

"At recess."

I was floored. But anyway. This was the perfect segue into allowing the rest of the class to try some skits. We do skits at Clear Creek based on fractured fairy tales (they make them up in like a half an hour), but I didn't want to tell them that, so I just SUGGESTED that they base their skit off of a fairy tale (and we reviewed a few of them). Off they went putting themselves into groups. No further invitation was needed. I could have graded papers the rest of the day without being bothered, except for this question, "Mrs. Kyburz, is it okay if Dr. Who makes an appearance in our version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?"

"Sure," I muttered, smiling to myself. At Clear Creek they'll be mixed up with students from another class, so nothing they prepared in my class will ruin anything at camp. We ran out of time, so I told them we would share the skits the following day.

This was not homework. And yet...they arrived the next day with props, signs taped to their chests, wigs, and costumes. They were taking this skit stuff seriously! It was a blast to watch them all and I can't wait for camp...

...assuming we get to go. The forecast is not looking sweet. It will be cold and "blustery" NOAA says, "With wind gusts up to 38 mph." And snowy. And our local news is calling Monday a "messy commute." Great. If the bus will take us, we will go. Fingers crossed!

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