Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pocatello Rendezvous

Three days of school gone just like that! Love my new group but am still anxious to settle in once we get to know each other a bit better. Our routines will solidify this week because after all, we get to go to the LIBRARY and that fixes everything!

I took off for Pocatello around 4:00 p.m. on Friday. My principal reminded us several times to leave right at 3:30 p.m., but I had to call a couple of families. Traffic was terrible as expected, but possibly worse, since I lost that half hour of head start. The ranger had already checked into our hotel at 3:00 p.m. I arrived at 7:30 p.m.

We went to eat at Sizzler (his choice...he lives in the woods, so I don't care what he chooses). I usually feel satisfied with their salad bar, but it was kind of "meh." After dinner we swam in the hotel pool and had it all to ourselves! I thought the water was SO cold (maybe that's why no one else was swimming?). It took me forever to get all the way in and my teeth were chattering nonstop. TR wondered what my problem was. I did too. You would have thought I was jumping into a glacial lake or something. But then we went to the hot tub and he thought it was SO hot, but I thought it was just perfect.

On Saturday we went shopping at the Pineridge Mall. I mentioned to TR that all the other teachers had shown up for school with something fresh to wear and perhaps I should buy a new shirt or something. Fortunately, he actually likes seeing me buy new clothes so three shirts later, we headed for Red Lobster. I know. Spoiled brats.

I keep trying to ask TR to share meals with me at restaurants, but he doesn't like the idea. He really likes having ALL of his own food. I wasn't interested in taking leftovers home with me for a long drive on a hot day with no cooler, but he had a cooler, so I sent my leftovers to the park with him. We both ordered shrimp (mine were coconut) and linguini with alfredo (with more shrimp). It was Crab Fest, but we chose not to "afford" it.

After lunch we headed to Costco so he could get a few things to haul back into the park. It was great to do some walking around after that huge lunch. After that we drove back to our hotel and sat in his car for awhile cuddling, chatting, and saying a long goodbye.

Then I drove the weary miles home listening to Harper Lee's latest book.

Today I had Church, but ditched Sacrament Meeting as soon as I swallowed the water to make it to my stewardship interview. That meeting lasted over an hour and then I headed back to my ward to catch Relief Society. We've been members of that ward for six months now and I still don't know more than a handful of people. Hopefully I'll start learning names and they'll start learning mine, but it will probably take years. due to our adventurous, not-so-typical, vagabond lifestyle. When TR comes back they may wonder, "Wait, she has a husband?!?"

I spent the afternoon and evening catching up on financial internet tasks and filing receipts. I am not prepared for school tomorrow.

I AM NOT PREPARED FOR SCHOOL TOMORROW. And yet...I scrolled through photos from summer and blogged about my weekend. When will I learn?


  1. So....what did you think of Go Set a Watchman????

    I got the giggles about the "Wait, she has a husband?!?" When Jonah was a baby, we had just moved into my parents ward (we had been in it, boundaries had changed, then we bought our first house and were back in) and people thought I was living in my parents' basement, with a baby.... church was at 9 a.m. and Justin was downtown pretty much every single Sunday.....

    Good luck with school this week, I always felt like it didn't really start until after Labor Day. :)

  2. Loved it in spite of the negative reviews I had heard. I wrote my review on Goodreads...if you're on there, you should friend me.

  3. I got off Goodreads, and pretty much all social media. It didn't ruin Atticus for me, but I found myself wondering if, as the reader, I should be reading the books chronologically for how they were written or how the storyline went. That was kind of odd for me. Loved the kissing tidbits the book filled in on the first book.

  4. Hah, not kissing tidbits, missing tidbits! Typing on my tablet and autocorrect......