Thursday, August 13, 2015

Caldera Living Day 49--Last Day of Summer Vacation 2015

Thursday 13 August 2015

TODAY. Today is the last day of summer vacation. And I simply don't have time to catch up the blog. So enjoy the pics and here's a quick narration...

Sometimes Ken wears his Eisenhower jacket at evening programs and I LOVE it! I hiked Mud Volcano every morning for a long streak after completing my workout at the employee rec building and one morning I found cool spider webs. We went to the Billings Montana one evening on our way to North Dakota. Nice to get back to the Billings Temple.

We went to North Dakota (40 states down, 10 to go!) and hiked in both units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I sleep better camping in non-bear country than in bear country. We got buzzed by a rattlesnake who was catching rays out from under the ledge of his rock. He had just shed his skin and was feeling vulnerable I suppose.

I built the fires for K's evening programs (and did a great job). It was literally a Sunday Evening Fireside every week! Speaking of "great job"...that's my ranger! He does so many things so well--proud of him!

I hiked Mount Washburn while K was at work one day and was disappointed the bighorn sheep didn't get my memo this time. However, a fox showed up with a dead marmot in it's mouth, so that was a lovely consolation prize.

I could spend hours staring at white mud bubbling up out of the earth.

We paddled the Henry's Fork of the Snake River once again...a guaranteed great time.

Saw my dad and his wife for the first time since my mom's funeral (2.5 years). Glad we could make it to their home for a couple of days. Also saw my mom's headstone for the first time. It makes you think when you see your own name engraved in a cemetery.

I have a lot of photographs of bison.

I have spent loads of time at school unpacking my classroom due to the new carpet which was installed last month. Tonight I was alerted to the fact that my class list could be viewed online and so I sat here just grinning as I clicked through the photos of my new batch of 30 children! They just make me smile and I haven't officially met them yet. Nine of them are siblings of former students!

Since I've been home (a week ago today) I've trained three ward Primary presidencies and have been to six appointments (medical checkups). My team met for six hours and I attended Round Table in addition to checking on two of my units (I am the Unit Commissioner for six units in the BSA!). I have been working out at the rec center and even tried a Spin Class (what was I thinking?). K just rolled in tonight for his weekend. Occasionally, I watch Chopped like at 10:30 p.m. while folding laundry, but I can never seem to catch a full episode.

We know a lot of people who are struggling with their health right now and our hearts go out to each of them.

This was my fourth summer away from the cave and I think I'm getting used to it. I don't think I'll need to post about every day of vacation next year. I can be normal about having teacher time off now. It only took four years of not having two jobs to finally feel like I don't have to account for every moment. Oh, and I read 16 books this summer. And I LOVED volunteering more at YELL, especially the natural comedy that comes with working the front desk at the VC. This was the longest summer vacation in the past four years because the district didn't make us go to four extra days of training with them! I only hiked about 50 miles this summer...maybe more...see, I'm getting lazier about being "Data Girl."

I hate the part where we live apart. That never gets easier. Signing off from all that Caldera Living and Summer, #therangerswife


  1. I just looove your writing!!! Can't wait for the school stories!
    I'm going in October to a "book launch party" for one of my former
    students who is a published author!!! #ProudMissMitchellMoment

  2. Good luck with the school year!