Saturday, August 15, 2015

Folks Keep Offering Beer to My Husband

We don't drink. So this is amusing to us.

TR gave a tour at Mud Volcano last week and a couple from the Netherlands was really impressed. They had such a good time that they went to their car to retrieve cash for a tip and hiked it back to my husband. TR refused the tip (can't tip a park ranger), but the people persisted. Not wanting to lose his job, he kept repeating, "No, really, I appreciate the gesture but I can't accept that money." So the guy says, "Okay, we see you out tonight, we buy you a beer!"

Our cooler broke. One handle just snapped off while TR was carrying it across our campsite in North Dakota last month. Without that one handle, it really is quite difficult to manage. So we bought a new one. Then we had to figure out how to dispose of the old one because it's not like you can just stick it in a trash can in Yellowstone. We began thinking of people who might still wish to have a free cooler, even if broken. One of the rangers spoke for it and after examining it, carried it away for us. Win-Win. As he left, he asked, "Are you sure you don't want me to give you anything for it? Case of beer?"

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