Monday, June 9, 2014

"The Perfect Place for How It's Used!"

Got to go to Clear Creek today for Ropes Course Training and I was able to take a new teammate with me. When we turned into the camp's driveway she exclaimed, "It's so pretty!" And then she said, "It's the perfect place for how it's used."

We were all sitting in the ampitheater waiting for further instruction when a couple of deer grazed by. The day went well and as we were leaving the area, J asked if we could stop at the cemetery.

You see, we are both history buffs.

I totally understood her request.



  1. I really miss Clear Creek! I loved it!!! But, my team had a hard time without me this year! I did most of the work!!! The other teachers would call and tell me how funny the preparation was! They were mad, too, that they had to shop for everything!!! My secretary always did it...but, I gave her a Jazz game. When they tried to get the new secretary to do it...she refused!

    1. It was so pretty there yesterday! Peaceful. Lovely. You had a pretty good gig with Lisa. Our secretary is AMAZING, but I think even she would laugh in our faces if we asked her to shop for Clear Creek. :) There were two teachers from Alpine there, but I don't remember their names.