Sunday, June 29, 2014

SV! Day 5

Monday 16 June 2014

Bighorn Canyon has a herd of wild horses and we were lucky to see and photograph four of them. I just love the portrait I got of this handsome stud. We hiked 2-3 different trails this morning and one of them featured some superb echoing so we yelled our heads off at the appropriate place and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The Bighorn Sheep could have cared less that we were photographing them. They just turned their butts to us and kept right on grazing. We got buzzed by a rattlesnake so I whipped my camera out, but it had already slithered under a bush. Darn. On our way back into Cody we stopped at Heart Mountain, a Japanese refinement camp (not internment and not confinement). The VC is so well done! You should go. Last stop before heading back into the park was for one item at Wal-Mart so I opted to stay in the car. As soon as K headed in, a microburst hit, and WHAM! We had a Wal-Mart plastic sack stuck to the antenna of our vehicle while sitting in a Wal-Mart parking lot! What are the chances???
K really wanted to see some of those horses! He was bummed that his family got to see them last August, but we didn't. So when it was my turn to pray I asked for it! And when we saw them, I said, "See? An answer to prayer!" So then he asked me to pray for permanent status.

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  1. Beautiful pics and I loved the horse photo, but the selfie was my favorite!