Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Room Mothers

We did NOT get to go on our field trip to Timpanogos Cave yesterday due to the fact that it was snowing and the snow was sticking to the trail. I could not imagine my darlings sliding down that steep grade while being cold, wet, and miserable. We were all so disappointed and we cannot reschedule. I thought the parent chaperones had left to go home, so I started teaching. A couple of minutes later, four moms/chaperones popped their smiling faces back into our classroom and announced, "We'll be back at 9:00 a.m." They brought Twinkies, bubblegum, and suckers. They brought costumes, props, and hats. I saw balls, hula hoops, and clay. Then I saw a pottery wheel and stool. These creative, generous, loving mothers saved the day by taking the sting out of our broken hearts. They split the class into three groups and started activity rotations. A good time was had by all and I am so impressed. So grateful. We haven't been blessed with children of our own, but I have learned so much by watching the fantastic parents of my students through the years. Love and Kisses, Room Mothers!!! You are the bomb!

"I have a pottery wheel and clay. I'll just bring that." And thirty minutes later, my kids were throwing pots. This is A's mom--talented, artistic, and generous. Amazing mother!

S's mom, one of our "official" room mothers all year long. She shows so much love for each child in the class. I can call her for anything. Room Mother of the Year! Amazing mother! I gotsta say I love the breast cancer cape worn by A.

S's mom, kneeling in clay. Helping. Patient. Takes the initiative. Do you see pictures of ME kneeling in clay? No, you don't. Amazing mother!

B's mom totally willing to play kickball in the rain for 1.5 hours. Every time a student would kick, she would yell, "You're goin' DOWN!" Amazing mother!

Oh, the DRAMA of it all.

C figuring out his heels.

M hiding behind my messy desk during the skit.

We tried another Math Congress today...

C's coon skin cap.

I took my class outside this afternoon for the last four minutes. Several of them shouted at me to look at the "different kind of rainbow" in the sky. Beautiful children. Beautiful world.

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  1. That is SO AWESOME that those moms came back with all kinds of fun things to do for the day! That's pretty amazing. I'M very impressed! What great mothers! You know? How thoughtful. :)