Monday, May 10, 2010

Commuting to Work

There are way too many pictures in this post with silly little captions. I just wanted a record of a few of the things I have noticed on my way to work. I've hiked this trail hundreds of times, so why not document it once? Best chance was a quiet Sabbath morning (yesterday)--Mother's Day.

Loved all the lichen. How would you do on a steady diet of rocks and stuff?

Looking across the canyon toward the sunny, south-facing slope.

Simply moss.

Miners' Lettuce

The view from the quarter-way arch.

Looking up trail toward "Lover's Leap" and "The Place Brad Lost His Pack."

Leafing out.


Looking up from the gate.

Looking down from the gate.

Lichen that can't help but just sing Orange.



The lichen are likin' this tree...

The hummingbirds and I can't wait for the penstemon. They are on their way!

Nancy's Earthquake Monitor (if the stick is missing, we've had an earthquake).

Ancient Cave at half-way. Why, oh WHY can't you drop those wet, luscious, cold drops when I'm hiking down in July???

Secrets of the trail...this particular area is called WATCH Point, for a couple of reasons...

Clearly, a V-shaped canyon.

First sign of entrance shelter from just above half-way.

Oregon Grape Holly

Tenacity Flowers

Stuff grows in the tiniest nooks and crannies.

The View

The entrance shelter as seen from three-quarter way.


The Bicep Tree.

Waterfall at Dead Dog

The "historic rock structure." Built in 1938...a four-seater. When was the last time you hiked a hundred yards on a steep mountain trail, dodging rockfall, to use the restroom at WORK?

This, my friends, is a cave cricket.

Looking down my trail.

"Miss Popularity"

"Most Photogenic"

Snow wall at exit shelter.

My visitors heading down the exit trail.

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