Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Head Scratching

"You're a 'head scratcher'." That's what the doc said this morning after my 6:00 a.m. nerve conduction study (my third). They can't figure out what's wrong with me. If I had a copay for every time I've heard that from a medical professional, I could quit one of my jobs. I get a lot of comments like: "That's really weird. You are unique. How unusual! We've never seen this before. I've never heard of that. This is rare. Mysterious. Um... Ah... We're going to have to research this." Oh well, I'm looking forward to the Resurrection and I don't mean to make light of that. I'll be standing in line with a few questions I'd like answered. For now, it's head scratching for me and the doctors.

Another head scratcher is RJ's fatal accident at the cave last week. We were privileged to attend his funeral yesterday and feel grateful that our paths crossed his here on the earth. We may never know the reason for the accident. We do know we lost a great man. There are usually several clues that a new person is going to be arriving on earth. Sometimes we get a few clues that a person is going to be leaving our earthly life. At other times, we get ZERO clues that someone will be leaving soon and that's what promotes the head scratching. I guess it should promote the day-to-day words and acts of respect, kindness, and love. I'll leave all the unanswered questions to God.

A little more head scratching was to be had on Monday 24 May 2010 as we received two inches of snow on the valley floor. Inside recess. Boo.

Field Day was Tuesday the 25th. The cups were put out next to the water jugs so everyone could stay safely hydrated...

The Field Day dads just sort of wandered away without saying much and let the fifth graders have free reign of the hose...

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