Saturday, May 8, 2010

My "Doings" Lately

Regretfully, I did not photograph my amazing husband at Thaifoon with our delicious Asian food. I did not capture an image of my sweetheart browsing in the Travel section of the bookstore. I did not snap a single pic of the desserts he purchased at Gateway. But I was there and enjoyed every second with him. He is such a good husband!!!

The Hope of America! Our school was invited to be down on the floor this year.

Math Congress! Students were presenting their work as to why the cat food was cheaper at Maria's Pet Emporium.

No, it was not dress up day at school. D lost some kind of bet or dare, therefore, he showed up looking like this on Friday. Hilarious!

I'm so sorry Little Bat for disturbing you, but I just had to grab your picture. I'm guessing you'll think twice about sleeping in that busy cave tomorrow. Did you miss the memo about Opening Day?

On the hike down from the cave this afternoon, just above the quarter-way slide and gate area, I noticed the box elder was blooming. I can never remember which box elder is a male and which is a female, but I know they have separate trees that hang out close together. I just thought it was pretty.


  1. Great pics, Jo! They've closed Maquoketa Caves here because of a virus that is killing the bats! Hope the bats out your way don't get it.

  2. YUmmmm. I love Thaifoon. Glad to hear you are back up at the cave. I'll have to come have a tour.